Faith Leaders for Excellent Schools supports Gov. Hogan’s veto of HB 978

Baltimore, M.D.—Today, Pastor Michael Phillips, coalition member for Faith Leaders for Excellent Schools released the following statement in response to Gov. Hogan’s veto of the Protect Our Schools Act of 2017.

“In vetoing House Bill 978, Gov. Hogan stood with Maryland’s families and students that need honest and transparent information about how our education system is serving our kids. Our students deserve better than a state accountability system that diminishes the importance of academic achievement and growth data and hides critical information about how our schools and students are truly performing. Such a system is not only disheartening for those of us who are deeply invested in improving our children’s education, but for those of us who believe every child has the potential and the right to succeed and thrive.”

A high-quality education matters. Students who are molded by a strong education, with high standards, effective teachers and individual and school-level accountability grow to become successful, thriving adults. We do our children a great disservice with bills like these, bills that prevent us from knowing whether our schools ensure all of our children are well served and prepared to succeed. This includes, at a very minimum, access to the kinds of information that will educate and empower them to become strong, critical, passionate community leaders. This veto is a critical step in that direction for Maryland’s students.”

For more information or interviews with Pastor Michael Phillips, contact Yam Menon at (203) 767-7848.

Michael Phillips is the Senior Pastor for the Kingdom Life Church and a member of Faith Leaders for Excellent Schools. He serves on the board of MarylandCAN: The Maryland Campaign for Achievement Now.


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