Community Resource Coordinator, Roland Park Elementary/Middle School

Kim is a communications and development professional who has long been committed to improving opportunities and quality of life for all children. She has often felt frustrated by what seemed an inability to reach beyond very localized, transactional efforts to help drive and affect transformational change that can generationally impact students and families. Too many children fail to thrive and reach their fullest potential in too many schools that offer them substandard education. Her family places such a high value on educational opportunity for their own five children that they have taken drastic measures to ensure they have access to the best quality educational environments—even to the point of moving zip codes to obtain educational advantage.  While they know they are blessed to be able to exercise this option, Kim believes it should not be a necessary course of action for any family.  Every child should have access to an exceptional public education in every zip code—our nation is too resource-rich for anything less to be acceptable.  She is invigorated by the work of MarylandCAN and believe it holds great promise for all of Maryland’s children.